Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1867—1887

miR-106b-5p contributes to the lung metastasis of breast cancer via targeting CNN1 and regulating Rho/ROCK1 pathway

Figure 1. CNN1 and STAT1 were the key genes in breast cancer. (A) 36 common genes were screened after analysis with the results of the microarray chips. GSE124646 and GSE71053 were downloaded from NCBI. The DEGs of breast cancer was obtained from the Cancer RNA-Seq Nexus (CRN). (B) ACOT7, STAT1, TYMP, and VOPP1 were upregulated in breast cancer, while ACTG2, CNN1, CDC14B, NFIB, RCN1, and TRIM2 were downregulated in breast cancer. (C) The biological processes and KEGG pathway for 36 genes were analyzed using Metascape. (D) The String was performed to construct the PPI network, and analyze biological processes and KEGG pathway for 36 genes. (E) The expression of CNN1 and STAT1 according to different subtypes and TNBC status of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Gene-Expression Miner v4.4 was used to conduct the analysis. All DNA microarray data in the database were used. IDC, invasive ductal carcinoma. ILC, invasive lobular carcinoma. TNBC, triple negative breast cancer.