Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6543—6557

Long non-coding RNA ANRIL alleviates H2O2-induced injury by up-regulating microRNA-21 in human lens epithelial cells

Figure 5. miR-34a and miR-122-5p could not affect the beneficial effects of LncRNA ANRIL in H2O2-treated HLECs. HLEC SRA01/04 cells were transfected with inhibitor-NC or miR-34a/miR-122-5p inhibitor, and untransfected cells were acted as control. (A) Expression of miR-34a and (C) miR-122-5p was determined by RT-qPCR. Cells co-transfected with pcDNA3.1 (pc-ANRIL) and miR-34a/miR-122-5p inhibitor (inhibitor-NC) or untransfected cells were treated with 400 μM H2O2, and non-treated cells were acted as control. (B and D) Cell viability was measured by CCK-8 assay. Data are shown as the mean ± SD of three independent experiments. *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001.