Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 5625—5639

LncRNA 2310043L19Rik inhibits differentiation and promotes proliferation of myoblast by sponging miR-125a-5p

Figure 6. Identification of functional binding sites of miR-125a-5p in the lncRNA 2310043L19Rik. (A) Result of real-time qPCR showed 2310043L19Rik, MALAT1, GAPDH to be present in both cytoplasm and nucleus of C2C12 cells. (B) The mutant sequences of lnc-231-Mut and miR-125a-5p mimics; green: mutant nucleotides. (C) miR-125a-5p mimic, NC mimic, and were co-transfected with plasmid pmirGLO-2310043L19Rik luciferase vector (lnc-231-WT) or pmirGLOAK017368-Mut vector (lnc-231-Mut) into C2C12 cells, and the normalized relative luciferase activities (Renilla/firefly) were analyzed.