Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 5625—5639

LncRNA 2310043L19Rik inhibits differentiation and promotes proliferation of myoblast by sponging miR-125a-5p

Figure 7. LncRNA 2310043L19Rik regulates the expression of E2F3 by sponging miR-125a-5p. Real-time PCR analysis of miR-125a-5p expression in C2C12 transfected with and 2310043L19Rik overexpression (A) (pcDNA3.1, lnc-231), and 2310043L19Rik knockdown (E) (siNC or silnc-231) cultured in GM for 24 h. Real-time PCR analysis of E2F3 mRNA expression with 2310043L19Rik overexpression (B) (in C2C12 transfected with pcDNA3.1, lnc-231), and 2310043L19Rik knockdown (F) (in C2C12 transfected with siNC or silnc-231) cultured in GM for 24 h. Western blot results analysis of 2310043L19Rik overexpression (C) and knockdown (G) affecting on the protein expression levels of E2F3 in C2C12 cells cultured in GM for 48 h. and relative protein lever was performed (D, H). (I) Western blot results analysis of E2F3 in co-transfection assay, and quantification of the E2F3 expression (J).