Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 5640—5650

Inhibition of miR-19a partially reversed the resistance of colorectal cancer to oxaliplatin via PTEN/PI3K/AKT pathway

Figure 5. Anti-miR-19a partially reversed the oxaliplatin resistance of CRC cells through the PTEN pathway. (A) Combination treatment with anti-miR-19a (50 pmol/ml) decreased the IC50 of SW480/R and HT29/R to oxaliplatin. *P<0.05 vs. miR-c group. (B) Transfection with siRNA-PTEN (50 pmol/ml) increased the cell viability of SW480/R and HT29/R cells which were co-treated with anti-miR-19a (50 pmol/ml) and oxaliplatin (10 μM). *P<0.05 vs. oxaliplatin+miR-c group. #P<0.05 vs. oxaliplatin+anti-miR-19a group. (C) Transfection with siRNA-PTEN (50 pmol/ml) abolished the effect of anti-miR-19a on reducing the IC50 of oxaliplatin to SW480/R and HT29/R. *P<0.05 vs. anti-miR-19a+siRNA-c group.