Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 6030—6036

Elevated p38MAPK activity promotes neural stem cell aging

Figure 3. Pharmacological inhibition of p38MAPK rejuvenates NSC function in vitro. (A) Representative image and (B, C) quantification of number of neurospheres and their diameter at passage 2 (2ry) and 7 (7ry) from SVZ C57BL/6J mice (n=3). (D) Representative western blot of P-p38MAPK, SOX2, p16Ink4a and ß-actin at indicated conditions (n=3). (E) Relative number of neurospheres formed from passage 7 cells treated with p38MAPK inhibitor (PH-797804) or control (DMSO) (n=3). (F) Quantification of the diameter of neurospheres from 7ry passage treated with PH-797804 or control (n=3). (G) Sox2, Sox9 and Mkp1 expression in neurospheres maintained for passages (n=3).