Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6600—6610

PHTF2 regulates lipids metabolism in gastric cancer

Figure 1. PHTF2 was identified as a hub gene in GEO datasets and TCGA database. (A) Venn chart of the different-expressing genes in GSE79973, GSE19826 and TCGA gastric cancer datasets, which overlapped according to the analysis of FunRich software. (B) Pie chart for illustration of different-expressing genes molecular pathways and process analyzed by DAVID online tools. (C, D) Molecular function and KEGG pathway enrichment of differentially expressed genes analyzed by DAVID online tools. (E) On line tool of STRING database analysis of the PPI network for the different-expressing genes. (F) Amplification of the network for PPI associated with PHTF2.