Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6600—6610

PHTF2 regulates lipids metabolism in gastric cancer

Figure 2. PHTF2 was significantly up-regulated in gastric cancer. (A) Expression pattern of PHTF2 in differential human malignancies from “Oncomine” database. (B) PHTF2 was significantly up-regulated in different histological subtypes of gastric cancer. (C) PHTF2 mRNA expressed in four different stages of cancerous tissues compared to para-cancerous tissues based on TCGA gastric cancer dataset. (D) Overall survival of patients with gastric cancer was calculated using Kaplan–Meier analysis according to the PHTF2 mRNA expression lever. (E) PHTF2 is commonly up-regulated in various gastric cancer cell lines from CCLE database. (F) PHTF2 mRNA expression pattern in 50 pairs of human gastric cancer tissues (Cancer) and adjacent tissues (Normal). (G) The expression pattern of ACSL1 and PHTF2 was associated in gastric cancer tissues. (H) Representative IHC image show PHTF2 protein expression pattern in gastric cancer tissues. (I) Different distribution of PHTF2 was statistically analyzed with Chi-square test.