Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6611—6629

Heme oxygenase-1 inhibition mediates Gas6 to enhance bortezomib-sensitivity in multiple myeloma via ERK/STAT3 axis

Figure 6. HO-1 inhibition enhances bortezomib-induced antiproliferative effect by reducing Gas6 secretion. (A) Gas6 mRNA level in human primary CD138+ cells. (B) Gas6 levels of culture supernatants were quantified by ELISA. Human primary CD138+ cells were treated with or without ZnPPIX (0.1 μM) in the presence of bortezomib for 24 h. n=5, *P<0.05 vs. control group (ZnPPIX = 0 μM). (C) CCK8 showing the cell viability of CD138+ cells treated with ZnPPIX, exogenous Gas6 or Gas6 neutralizing antibody. n=5, *P<0.05. (DG) Cell viability was detected by CCK8 assays in U266 and RPMI8226 cells. n=4, *P<0.05.