Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6630—6643

γ-Mangostin isolated from Garcinia mangostana L. suppresses inflammation and alleviates symptoms of osteoarthritis via modulating miR-124-3p/IL-6/NF-κB signaling

Figure 5. Comparative immunohistochemical analysis between the knee joints from control and γ-MS treatment groups. The representative section of OA mice demonstrated signs of cartilage degradation and tissue injuries (epiphyseal disk and bone marrow) and inflammation in comparison to healthy normal counterparts (A, B). γ-MS treated mice showed a lower degree of cartilage destruction and more intact epiphyseal disk and bone marrow. as well as less inflamed in comparison to non-treated OA control group (C, D). H & E- stained images were taken at 40X (Bar = 100μM) and 200X magnification (Bar = 50μM).