Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 6109—6119

Ginsenoside Rh3 activates Nrf2 signaling and protects endometrial cells from oxygen and glucose deprivation-reoxygenation

Figure 1. GRh3 activates Nrf2 signaling cascade in T-HESC cells and primary murine endometrial cells. T-HESC human endometrial cells (AE) or the primary murine endometrial cells (FH) were treated with GRh3 (at 10 μM) for the indicated time periods. Keap1-Nrf2 association was tested by co-immunoprecipitation assay (A); Expression of listed proteins (B, C, E, F and H) in cytosol lysates and nuclear fraction lysates was tested by Western blotting, with relative expression of listed mRNAs tested by qPCR (D and G). Expression of the listed proteins was quantified, normalizing to the loading control protein (AC, E, F and H). Error bars stand for mean ± standard deviation (SD, n=5). “Veh” stands for vehicle control (PBS, same for all Figures). *p<0.05 vs. “Veh” (D and G). Each experiment was repeated three times with similar results obtained.