Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 6191—6205

Long non-coding RNA TPT1-AS1 promotes angiogenesis and metastasis of colorectal cancer through TPT1-AS1/NF90/VEGFA signaling pathway

Figure 4. TPT1-AS1 promotes CRC angiogenesis by upregulating VEGFA expression. (A) Invasion assays was used to show the invasive ability of indicated cells. (Bi) IHC and ISH staining were performed to detect CD31 and TPT1-AS1 expression in indicated xenograft tumor tissues. (Bii) Subcutaneous tumor models were used to detect the growth rate of indicated CRC cells. (Ci) Endothelial tube formation assays were performed using HUVECs to detect the effect of CM from indicated cells. (Cii) The number of tubes of each field was counted in indicated groups.