Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 6306—6323

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells transplantation alleviates brain injury after intracerebral hemorrhage in mice through the Hippo signaling pathway


Figure 7. Knockdown of MST1 triggered YAP nuclear translocation. (A) Western blotting analysis of MST1 expression in ctrl, si-NC, and si-Nrf2 transfected astrocytes. (B) The results of densitometric analysis of the bands were plotted as mean ± SD (n = 4). Over 80% of MST1 expression was suppressed by si-MST1. **p < 0.01 compared with ctrl group. (C) Immunofluorescence staining of ctrl, si-NC, si-MST1 treated astrocytes with anti-YAP (green). The siRNA was labeled with fluorophore Cy3 (red) to show the transfected cells. The cell nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Bar = 50μm. (D, E) Western blotting analysis of cytoplasmic and nucleus extraction samples from control, si-NC, si-MST1 transfected astrocytes with anti-YAP. GAPDH and H3 were used as a loading control for cytoplasmic and nucleus protein, respectively. The histogram showing the results of densitometric analysis of nucleus/cytoplasmic YAP expression in ctrl, si-NC, si-MST1 transfected astrocytes. The results were normalized to control plotted as mean ± SD (n = 4). Si-MST1 significantly increased YAP nuclear expression. *p < 0.01 compared with control.