Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 6340—6351

Leptin acts on mesenchymal stem cells to promote chemoresistance in osteosarcoma cells

Figure 3. Leptin stimulates TGF-β expression in MSCs. (A) Analysis of TGF-β expression by RT-qPCR in control and leptin-treated MSCs. ***p<0.001. (B) ELISA detection of TGF-β levels in CM from control and leptin-treated MSCs. **p<0.01. (C) Leptin receptor (Leptin-R) expression was examined by western blot in both control and leptin-R shRNA-transfected MSCs. (D) TGF-β expression was tested by RT-qPCR in leptin-treated MSCs after leptin R knockdown. ***p<0.001. (E) TGF-β levels were examined by ELISA in control and leptin R-silenced MSCs exposed to leptin. ***p<0.001.