Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 6456—6466

FGF22 promotes generation of ribbon synapses through downregulating MEF2D


Figure 3. FGF22 increases calcium influx in the cultured mouse hair cells. The hair cell voltage-gated Calcium current was measured in AAV-FGF22- or AAV-shFGF22-transduced hair cells. AAV-MEF2D was also co-transduced hair cells with AAV-FGF22 and AAV-shMEF2D was also co-transduced hair cells with AAV-shFGF22, both aiming to abolish the effects of FGF22 modulation on MEF2D. (A) RT-qPCR for FGF22 mRNA levels by co-transduction with different AAVs. (B, C) Measurement of current-voltage in transduced cells, by lCa (B), and by l maximum (C). *p<0.05. NS: non-significant. N=5.