Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6891—6903

Hypoxia-induced let-7f-5p/TARBP2 feedback loop regulates osteosarcoma cell proliferation and invasion by inhibiting the Wnt signaling pathway

Figure 3. Hypoxia inhibited let-7f-5p expression in OS cell lines and and promotes the targeted inhibition of TARBP2 by let-7f-5p. (A) let-7f-5p downregulated endogenous TARBP2 mRNA and protein expression in Saos cells. (B) Sequence alignment of the predicted interactions of let-7f-5p and its predictive target sites within the 3′-UTR of TARBP2. (C) The let-7f-5p mimics reduced luciferase activities controlled by the wild type 3′-UTR of TARBP2 but did not affect luciferase activity controlled by the mutant 3′-UTR of TARBP2. (D) let-7f-5p overexpression or knockdown reduced or increased the expression of endogenous TARBP2, respectively. (E) The regulation of let-7f-5p on TARBP2 expression is more pronounced in hypoxia condition.