Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 6990—7005

USP22 promotes development of lung adenocarcinoma through ubiquitination and immunosuppression

Figure 2. Transcriptional changes of LUAD H1975 cell line induced by knockdown of USP22. (A) Detection of USP22 by immunohistochemistry. (B) Differentially expressed genes in USP22-KD H1975 cells compared to negative control. Red represents up-regulated genes, blue represents down-regulated genes, and gray represents no significantly differentially expressed genes. (C) The expression patterns of these 3806 differentially expressed genes can distinguish between USP22-KD H1975 cells and negative control. (D) Pathways significantly enriched in negative control H1975 cells. (E) Pathways significantly enriched in USP22-KD H1975 cells.