Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7030—7041

βig-h3 enhances chondrogenesis via promoting mesenchymal condensation in rat Achilles tendon heterotopic ossification model

Figure 5. βig-h3 promotes the process of mesenchymal condensation and chondrogenic differentiation of cultured iTDSCs. (AC) The mesenchymal condensation (black arrow) were detectable by day 14 with the additional rβig-h3, and the effect could be inhibited by the additional antibody-neutralized rβig-h3. (D) The immunofluorescence staining of Sox 9 showed more sox 9 expression by the additional rβig-h3. (E) The expression patterns of chondrogenesis genes Sox 9, Agg, and Col 2 in iTDSCs cultured with Chondrogenic Differentiation Basal Medium (CDBM), CDBM with additional rβig-h3, and CDBM supplied with additional rβig-h3 and antibody-neutralized rβig-h3. by western blotting.