Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7183—7206

Integrated data analysis reveals significant associations of KEAP1 mutations with DNA methylation alterations in lung adenocarcinomas

Figure 5. In silico analysis of NRF2 binding sites. (A) Bar graph showing the top 10 enriched transcription factor perturbation followed by expression datasets (highest p value) after the input of the 80 differentially methylated genes using enrichr database. 5 data sets where NRF2 was Perturbed among the top 10 enriched terms (highest p value). (B) Heatmap showing the differentially-methylated genes (20 genes) that were enriched in any of the top 10 enriched terms. The heatmap shows 15 out of these 20 genes enriched in 5 datasets where NRF2 was Perturbed. (C) The NRF2 binding motif as provided by JASPER. (D) Schematic representation of the locations of in silico-predicted NRF2 binding sites (AREs) in the promoter regions of the human ACOT7, LNOP2, SCNN1A, and BRF2 genes.