Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7232—7247

LncRNA XIST promotes myocardial infarction by regulating FOS through targeting miR-101a-3p

Figure 6. Knockdown of lncRNA XIST regulates miR-101a-3p and FOS expressions and apoptosis-related proteins in vivo. (AC) The expression of XIST, miR-101a-3p and FOS was measured by qRT-PCR. The expression of myocardial infarction mice treated with XIST-siRNA adenoviruses was reduced, knockdown of XIST increases the expression of miR-101a-3p and reduces the expression levels of FOS in the infarct zone. (D) The protein expression level of c-FOS was detected by western blot. Knockdown of XIST reduces the expression of c-FOS (n=6). (E) The protein expression level of the apoptosis markers include Bax, Bcl-2, caspase 3 and cleaved caspase 3 was detected by western blot (n=6). Data are shown as mean ± SD, * P<0.05.