Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7248—7261

MicroRNA-375 exacerbates knee osteoarthritis through repressing chondrocyte autophagy by targeting ATG2B

Figure 6. MiR-375 antagomir alleviated DMM-induced OA. (A) Down-regulated expression of miR-375 in chondrocytes after antagomir treatment and increased levels of ATG2B in DMM-injured OA knees. (B, C) Expression of ATG2B, LC3I/II, CHOP was detected by western blot. (D) Safranin O and Fast Green and HE stained sections of knee joints. (E, F) Cartilage destruction evaluated with the OARSI and Mankin scores. Scale bar: 50 μm. Data per group are expressed as mean ± SEM calculated from six mice. ** P<0.01, compared with sham group; # P<0.05, ## P<0.01, compared with OA group.