Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7282—7298

HMGN5 promotes IL-6-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of bladder cancer by interacting with Hsp27

Figure 3. HMGN5 interacts with Hsp27 to modulate bladder cancer cell invasion and EMT. (A) J82 cells were transduced with Lv-HMGN5 or Lv-Hsp27, separately, or cotransduced with Lv-HMGN5 and Lv-Hsp27, and examined for cell invasion by Transwell assays. (B) The protein levels of E-cadherin and Vimentin, as demonstrated by immunoblotting, (C) The protein levels of E-cadherin and Vimentin by IF staining. The data are presented as the mean ± SD of three independent experiments. **P<0.01.