Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7431—7447

Sirt1 is regulated by miR-135a and involved in DNA damage repair during mouse cellular reprogramming

Figure 3. The effects of RSV on DNA damage markers during reprogramming. Immunocytochemistry analysis on expression of (A) γH2AX and (B) 53BP1 in 2° MEFs before (-DOX) and after (+DOX) treatment. (C) FACS analysis showing the effect of RSV on γH2AX expression. (D) The numbers of cells with more than five (>5 foci, white), three to five (3-5 foci, black), one to two (1-2 foci, grey) and no (no foci, stripped) 53bp1 foci without (+DOX) or with (+RSV) RSV treatment. (n=3; *: p<0.05 when compared to the same category; chi square test).