Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 8 pp 7480—7490

High miR-31-5p expression promotes colon adenocarcinoma progression by targeting TNS1

Figure 2. Prognostic value of miR-31-5p and target genes related with COAD. (A, B) Kaplan-Meier curve for miR-31-5p in clinical COAD samples. The P values of the Kaplan-Meier curve for COAD patients and pathologic stage IV COAD patients were 0.091 and 0.017, respectively. (C) Integration of miR-31-5p predictive genes from TargetScan, miRDB, and TargetMiner. (D) The differentially expressed genes in COAD retrieved from GEPIA. The thresholds were set as follows: | Log2 fold change (FC) | ≥ 2 and P value<0.01. (E) Venn diagram for overlap analysis of miR-31-5p target genes related to COAD.