Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10246—10258

miR-623 suppresses cell proliferation, migration and invasion through direct inhibition of XRCC5 in breast cancer

Figure 1. miR-623 inhibited cell growth. (A) Expression levels of miR-623 were detected in human normal mammary cell line MCF-10A and breast cancer cell lines BT474, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-453 and MCF-7 by real-time PCR. MiR-623 expression in MDA-MB-453 cells (B) and MCF7 cells (C) was determined by real-time PCR after transfection. Cell proliferation of MDA-MB-453 (D) and MCF7 (E) after the suppression or overexpression of miR-623 was evaluated by CCK-8 assay. (FH) Colony formation assay of MDA-MB-453 and MCF7 cells showed that miR-623 knockdown inhibited the proliferation, whereas miR-623overexpression promoted the proliferation in breast cancer cell lines. One of the three repeated experiments with identical results was shown. P values were determined using Student’s t-tests. *P<0.05 compared with O-NC. #P<0.05 compared with siNC.