Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10359—10369

Resveratrol promotes osteogenesis and alleviates osteoporosis by inhibiting p53

Figure 1. Construction of resveratrol-targeted genes interaction network. (A) Interaction network constructed using STITCH. First shell (chemical-protein): TP53, SIRT1, PTGS1, SIRT3, ESR1, PPARG, NOS3, AKT1, SIRT5, PTGS2. Second shell (protein-protein): ATM, BRCA1, FOXO1, MTOR, EP300, RICTOR, FOXO3, CDKN1A, KAT2B, MDM2. Third shell (protein-protein): HSP90AA1, HIPK2, NCOA3, CDKN2A, MAPK8, SRC, USP7, RCHY1, CREBBP, SP1. (B) Weighted interaction network indicating that TP53 had the highest weight.