Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10427—10440

LncRNA PVT1 promotes exosome secretion through YKT6, RAB7, and VAMP3 in pancreatic cancer


Figure 2. PVT1 stimulates exosome secretion in HS766T cells. (A) Representative images of exosomes derived from HS766T cells, as detected by TEM. Scale bar: 200 nm (left) and 100 nm (right). (B) The size distribution of exosomes, as determined by NTA. (C) The transfection efficiency of PVT1 overexpression in HS766T cells. (D) The expression of PVT1 in the nucleus and cytoplasm of HS766T cells. (E) The concentration of exosome derived from PVT1-overexpressing HS766T cells. (F) The protein expression of exosome markers in PVT1-overexpressing HS766T cells. *P < 0.05, data are expressed as the mean ± SD.