Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10809—10826

LncRNA and mRNA expression profiles reveal the potential roles of lncRNA contributing to regulating dural penetration in clival chordoma


Figure 8. Functional predictions of the antisense lncRNAs according to pathway analysis of their sense coding genes. (A, B) The pathway analysis applied for 15 mRNAs that were sense coding genes of 15 antisense lncRNAs and showed 9 down-regulated pathways and 2 up-regulated pathways (P < 0.05) (CI) The 11 antisense lncRNAs and their sense coding genes in down-regulated signaling pathways. (JL) The 4 antisense lncRNAs and their sense coding genes are in up-regulated signaling pathways. The lncRNAs in the green circle represent intronic antisense lncRNA and other lncRNAs represent natural antisense lncRNA.