Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11568—11578

Integrative analysis of miRNAs-mRNAs reveals that miR-182 up-regulation contributes to proliferation and invasion of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by targeting PTEN

Figure 3. The role of miR-182 in NPC cells. (A) The violin plot shows that miR-182 was up-regulated in NPC (patient samples: n = 32; control samples: n = 20). (B) The expression of miR-182 was significantly increased in NPC cell lines (CNE1 and 5-8F). (C, D) Proliferation and invasion of NPC cells were significantly increased in miR-182 mimics group and decreased in miR-182 inhibitor group. The data presented here is the mean (SD) of triplicate replicates. P < 0.05.