Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11603—11622

Over-expression of microRNA-145 drives alterations in β-adrenergic signaling and attenuates cardiac remodeling in heart failure post myocardial infarction

Figure 7. miR-145 ameliorated HF-induced defective in Ca2+ homeostasis. (A) representative imagines of resting fluorescence at baseline (The arrow marks cardiomyocyte stained with Rhod-2AM); (B) statistical analysis of F0 (n≥9); (C) representative imagines of cardiomyocytes sarcomere shortening from isolated HF hearts; (D) representative recording (F/F0) of steady-state Ca2+ transients followed by Ca2+ waves (The arrow marks Ca2+ wave); (EH) statistical analysis of Ca2+ transients in systole and diastole (Baseline and in presence of ISO, n≥9); (IJ) statistical analysis of cell shortening (Baseline and in presence of ISO, n≥9). Data are presented as mean ± SD.