Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 11100—11115

ANXA7 promotes the cell cycle, proliferation and cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance of multiple myeloma cells by up-regulating CDC5L


Figure 6. ANXA7 overexpression increases the cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance (CAM-DR), which was inhibited by ANXA7 interference. (A) The levels of CD44, ICAM1 and VCAM1 in U266 and RPMI8226 cells co-cultured with BMSC after transfection were detected by ELISA assay. **P<0.01 and ***P<0.001 vs.U266 group. ###P<0.001 vs. U266+BMSC group. ΔΔΔP<0.001 vs. RPMI8226 group. $$$P<0.001 vs. RPMI8226+BMSC group. (B) The apoptosis of U266 cells treated with bortezomib in co-culture system was determined by TUNEL assay. (C) The apoptosis of RPMI8226 cells treated with bortezomib co-culture system was determined by TUNEL assay.