Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11653—11666

Long non-coding RNA RP11-59H7.3 promotes cell proliferation and invasion metastasis in colorectal cancer by miR-139-5p/NOTCH1 axis

Figure 4. RP11-59H7.3 enhances cell movement and invasion in colorectal cancer cells. (A, B) wound-healing assay was performed to determine the horizontal migration ability of CRC cells using overexpression or knockdown of RP11-59H7.3 in CRC cells, and relative gap length calculations were performed and a histogram was plotted. (C, D) representative bar graphs and images that depicts the ability of CRC cells with silenced or overexpressed RP11-59H7.3 to migrate and invade neighboring cells. (E) western blot was performed to evaluate the metastasis-related protein with RP11-59H7.3 overexpression or silenced expression in CRC cells. Data from western blot analysis is represented as a quantification graph normalized to the GAPDH levels and the statistical tests. ***p < 0.001; **p < 0.01*; p < 0.05.