Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11653—11666

Long non-coding RNA RP11-59H7.3 promotes cell proliferation and invasion metastasis in colorectal cancer by miR-139-5p/NOTCH1 axis

Figure 7. RP11-59H7.3 promotes CRC cell migration and invasion through miR-139-5p/NOTCH1 axis. (A, B) wound-healing assays were performed in LoVo and SW480 cells prior transfected by miR-139-5p mimic or co-transfected by pcDNA-RP11-59H7.3 and miR-139-5p mimic, and calculations of relative gap distance were completed and a histogram plotted. (C, D) cell movement and invasion assays were applied to determine the invasion ability and vertical migration of colorectal cancer cells, and the cell number was calculated and represented on a histogram. (E) Western blot was performed to determine the metastasis-related protein expression in colorectal cancer cells. (F) Relative NOTCH1 protein levels in colorectal cells after RP11-59H7.3 overexpression and Mimics of miR-139-5p. **p < 0.01; *p < 0.05.