Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 11667—11684

M6A-related bioinformatics analysis reveals that HNRNPC facilitates progression of OSCC via EMT

Figure 4. M6A and HNRNPC expression level in OSCC. (A) M6A level was detected in 80 pairs OSCC tissues and adjacent normal tissues (p=0.0047). (B, C) MRNA level of HNRNPC was detected in 4 OSCC cell lines (scc9 p<0.0001, scc15 p<0.0001, scc25 p=0.0002) and 80 pairs OSCC tissues (p=0.0038). (D) Statistical analysis of immunohistochemistry in OSCC tissues (p=0.0001). (E) HNRNPC protein level in OSCC cell lines and tissues. (F) The represent results of immunohistochemistry. (G) Survival analysis of HNRNPC was performed in 80 OSCC samples from Nanfang Hospital (p=0.048).