Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 12086—12106

CASC21, a FOXP1 induced long non-coding RNA, promotes colorectal cancer growth by regulating CDK6

Figure 7. CASC21 promotes CRC proliferation by regulating CDK6 expression. (A) CCK-8 assays demonstrated that CASC21 promoted CRC cell growth, miR-539-5p overexpression or CDK6 knockdown could abolish growth promotion caused by CASC21. (B) EdU assays showed that miR-539-5p overexpression or CDK6 knockdown abolished the increased proliferation rates of HCT-116 cells caused by CASC21. (C) Representative images of CDK6 immunostaining of tumor samples from different groups. (D) Expression of CDK6, cyclin D1 and cyclin D2 was detected by western blot in HCT-116 cells with indicated treatment. All data represent mean ± SEM (n = 3-6). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 and ***P < 0.001.