Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 12160—12174

ROCK1 knockdown inhibits non-small-cell lung cancer progression by activating the LATS2-JNK signaling pathway

Figure 4. Inactivation of the LATS2-JNK pathway abolishes the tumor-suppressive effects of ROCK1 knockdown. (A) MTT assay of cell viability. siRNA against LATS2 (si/LATS2) and SP600125 were used inhibit LATS2 upregulation and JNK activation, respectively. (B) An LDH release assay was used to measure LDH levels in the medium. (C, D) TUNEL staining was used to quantify numbers of apoptotic cells after si/LATS2 transfection and SP600125 administration. *p<0.05.