Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14080—14091

CircRNA FGFR3 induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition of ovarian cancer by regulating miR-29a-3p/E2F1 axis

Figure 2. CircFGFR3 promotes the progression of OC cells. (A) circFGFR3 expression in different OC cell lines was examined by qRT-PCR, GAPDH served as an internal control; (B) The expression of circFGFR3 in SKOV3 and A2780 cell lines was upregulated effectively, ***P<0.01; (C) Cell viability was determined in circFGFR3-overexpressing OC cells and their control cells, ***P<0.01; (D) The invasion of circFGFR3-ovexpressing OC cells and control cells was investigated by Transwell assay, ***P<0.01; (E) Clonogenic ability in OC cells with different expression levels of circFGFR3 was determined, Data are shown as the mean ± SD, *** p < 0.001, bar=50 μm; (F) The cellular morphology of OC cells with different expression levels of circFGFR3 is shown; (G and H) Compared to control cell, cells with high levels of circFGFR3 showed a decrease in the epithelial marker E-cadherin, and an increase in the mesenchymal markers vimentin, fibronectin 1 and N-cadherin.