Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14125—14140

The effect of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil in early skin wound healing: interactions of skin microbiota and inflammation

Figure 3. GLSO decreases the level of inflammation. (A) Immunohistochemical analysis of CD4, CD8 and CD45 at the murine wound edge on day 5 under the microscope 100X (scale bar=400 μm) was presented with quantitative analysis (n=3 each group). (B) The levels of inflammatory cytokines, IL-4, IL-10, IL-6, IL-17A and IFN-γ, were measured by real-time PCR. (C) The contents of IL-6, IL-1β and TNF-α were assayed by ELISA kit. The data are indicated as the mean±SD. ##P and **P <0.01, ###P and ***P <0.001(#P: control vs model, *P: GLSO vs model).