Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 12285—12304

Influences of circulatory factors on intervertebral disc aging phenotype

Figure 2. Effects of circulatory factors on aggrecanolysis in IVDs from mouse heterochronic parabionts. (A) A schematic of the mouse aggrecan core protein showing the three globular domains, G1, G2, G3, and sulfate-rich GAG region between G2 and G3. Anti-G1 was used to detect aggrecan and its fragments. The cleavage sites between G1 and G2 interglobular domains by ADAMTS (G1-NVTEGE392) and MMP (G1-VDIPEN360) proteases are indicated by the letter A and M, respectively. (B) Immunoblot of MMP- and ADAMTS-mediated cleavage of disc aggrecan of mice from the four groups. Graphs on right are quantification of aggrecan fragments shown in panel on left. Data shown are mean ± SD of 4 independent experiments, *p < 0.05.