Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 17 pp 16803—16819

Anchorage independence altered vasculogenic phenotype of melanoma cells through downregulation in aminopeptidase N /syndecan-1/integrin β4 axis

Figure 6. ANPEP was tumor suppressive in melanoma cells. (A) Suppression of ANPEP expression inhibited cell migration ability (B) Suppression of ANPEP expression promoted xenograft tumor growth as inoculated with adherent melanoma cells. (C) Effect of ANPEP overexpression at PKCδ phosphorylation, SDC1, and integrin β4 protein expression as examined by western blot. (D) ANPEP overexpression reduced the xenograft tumor formation as inoculated with suspended melanoma cells Data were mean ±S.D. (n=5).