Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14219—14231

Decreased lncRNA, TINCR, promotes growth of colorectal carcinoma through upregulating microRNA-31


Figure 7. Overexpression of TINCR inhibits CRC growth in vivo. In vivo xenograft experiments (subcutaneous transplantation with lentivectors carrying luciferase reporter and shTINCR/TINCR/scramble) were conducted to analyze the role of TINCR on tumor growth in vivo. (A, B) At 8 weeks after xenografting, tumor growth was determined by bioluminescence, shown by quantification (A), and by representative images (B). (C, D) Tumor growth curve after xenografting of Caco-2 cells (C) and SW480 cells (D). N=5. *p<0.05.