Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 12324—12341

Ovarian aging increases small extracellular vesicle CD81+ release in human follicular fluid and influences miRNA profiles

Figure 3. Comparison of DE miRNA sets obtained by two normalization methods for RT-qPCR. Differential expression analysis of miRNAs from FF EVs, comparing older women to younger women and using two normalization methods revealed 64 DE miRNAs (gFC), without considering the number of EVs, and 80 DE miRNAs (vFC) taking into account the number of vesicles. Comparison between gFC and vFC datasets identified 4 classes of DE miRNAs (A-D) for which we show a possible distribution (represented by vertical bars) within the individual EVs from the FF of the two groups of women according to an EV ratio of 2:1 (older vs younger).