Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 12342—12375

Telomere attrition and dysfunction: a potential trigger of the progeroid phenotype in nijmegen breakage syndrome

Figure 1. (A) Relative telomere length (TL) as a function of age in NBS homozygotes, heterozygotes, and control individuals. Relative TL (T/S ratio) was analyzed from blood samples of 38 NBS homozygotes, 27 NBS heterozygotes, and 108 control individuals by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). The dashed lines separate the NBS homozygotes in those with long, medium, and short TL. Below: regression curves standardized for age. Original after thesis Raneem Habib [28]. (B) Comparison of TL, as analyzed by qPCR, of NBS homozygotes, heterozygotes, and controls. The comparison was made for age-matched groups (mean values and standard deviation). * indicates p<0.01; ** indicates p<0.001.