Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 12 pp 12342—12375

Telomere attrition and dysfunction: a potential trigger of the progeroid phenotype in nijmegen breakage syndrome

Figure 2. (A) Analysis of telomere length by Q-FISH. Normal karyogram with single telomeres stained for telomere repeats (Q-FISH) and a repetitive region in the centromeric region of chromosome 2. The horizontal lines overlaid on each chromosome define the measurement areas. (B) Metaphases of the NBS LCL 94P0307 after Q-FISH of the NBS cell line 94P0307 with very short telomeres and a telomere fusion. The arrows point to chromosomes 19. Left panel, Metaphase with weak telomerice fluorescence of both chromosomes 19; Right panel, Metaphase with one chromosome 19 with a brightly fluorescent telomere of the p-arm. The other bright signal is the reference region of chromosome 2. Original after thesis Raneem Habib [28].