Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 24957—24966

LINC01410 accelerated the invasion and proliferation of osteosarcoma by sponging miR-3128

Figure 2. miR-3128 was decreased in osteosarcoma specimens and cells. (A) The expression of miR-3128 in osteosarcoma cells (MG-63, HOS, SAOS-2 and U2OS) and osteoblast cells (hFOB1.19) was detected by qRT-PCR analysis. (B) miR-3128 levels were lower in osteosarcoma specimens than in control normal samples. (C) The expression of miR-3128 was downregulated in 22 osteosarcoma patients compared to control normal samples. (D) There is an inverse correlation between miR-3128 and LINC01410 in osteosarcoma specimens.