Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14329—14340

Downregulation of hsa_circ_0007580 inhibits non-small cell lung cancer tumorigenesis by reducing miR-545-3p sponging


Figure 6. PRKCA was a direct target of miR-545-3p. (A, B) The gene structure of PRKCA at positions 896-902 contained the predicted target site of miR-545-3p in its 3'-UTR, with a sequence of TTTGCT. (C) Luciferase activity was measured with a dual luciferase reporter assay in A549 cells co-transfected with the WT/MT PRKCA 3′-UTR plasmid and miR-545-3p. (D) The expression of PRKCA in NSCLC cells was investigated using qRT-PCR. **P<0.01 vs. control.