Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14355—14364

LncRNA FGD5-AS1 promotes tumor growth by regulating MCL1 via sponging miR-153-3p in oral cancer

Figure 7. LncRNA FGD5-AS1 promotes in vivo tumor growth in the nude mice. The nude mice were subcutaneously injected with SCC4 cells (5 x 106) into the right flanks of the nude mice. 1 week later, we injected lentivirus packaged FGD5-AS1 or pcDNA3.1 into tumors. (A) The tumor volume was assessed in the nude mice every 7 days (*p<0.05). (B) Tumor weight was determined in the isolated tumors from the nude mice (*p<0.05). (C) The relative expression of FGD5-AS1 was determined by qRT-PCR in the isolated tumor tissues (**p<0.01). qRT-PCR was performed to detect the relative mRNA expression of miR-153-3p (D) and MCL1 (E) (*p<0.05).