Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14418—14433

miR-5089-5p suppresses castration-resistant prostate cancer resistance to enzalutamide and metastasis via miR-5089-5p/SPINK1/ MAPK/MMP9 signaling

Figure 1. SPINK1 expression levels in Enz-resistant cells and metastatic PCa patients. (A) Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) between Enz-sensitive cell and Enz-resistant cell lines (≥ 5-fold and P< 0.001). The columns represent individual genes and rows indicate the cell lines. Red and blue color represent high and low expression respectively (B) Western blot showing high SPINK1 protein levels in C4-2R and C4-2B-R (C) RT-PCR results showing high SPINK1 mRNA levels in C4-2R and C4-2B-R. (D) Representative IHC images showing in situ SPINK1 expression in human PCa tissues. Positive SPINK1 expression was significantly associated with worse overall survival (p=0.0039, log-rank test, data from our hospital). (E) GDS2545 dataset results showing SPINK1 mRNA levels in the normal prostate tissues, and primary and metastatic prostate tumors. (F, G) Kaplan-Meier plot showing survival rate of SPINK1hi and SPINK1lo PCa patients in the TCGA dataset, SPINK1hi is associated with poor prognosis (p=0.0018).