Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14418—14433

miR-5089-5p suppresses castration-resistant prostate cancer resistance to enzalutamide and metastasis via miR-5089-5p/SPINK1/ MAPK/MMP9 signaling

Figure 6. The miR-5089-5p-SPINK1 mediates Enz resistance by upregulating ARv7 and the miR-5089-5p-SPINK1/MAPK/MMP9 axis mediates metastasis. Enz treatment increase the expression of SPINK1 in Enz-resistant prostate cancer cells, which was negatively regulated by mirna5089-5p. Aberrantly high levels of SPINK enhances Enz resistance by upregulating ARv7, and promotes migration and invasion via ERK/p38/MMP9 signaling.