Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14542—14555

Higher expression of cell division cycle-associated protein 5 predicts poorer survival outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 3. Association between CDCA5 and mutational signatures, copy number variation in HCC. (A) Significantly mutated genes in HCC subsets stratified by CDCA5 expression. (B) GISTIC2.0 analysis identified recurrent somatic copy number alterations in different HCC subsets stratified by CDCA5 expression. (C) Venn diagrams demonstrating the number of genes within genomic regions showing significant amplification or deletion, as well as the overlay with significant genes identified from RNAseq in CDCA5-high and -low patients. Each circle in the Venn diagram represents one set and the number in the overlaid area represents the common genes between the sets.